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2018 Team Registration

What To Do Now

 If You Have Been Selected for a 2018 Team:

1) Congratulations!  You'll need to officially register and pay the 2018 Team Fee.  There is a link to the Registration Form below.   A scholarship application link is also included. The 2018 Team Fee covers participation though December 2018. 

2) If you are a new player, you need to pick a jersey number and specify uniform sizes and purchase a uniform set for your player. You need to suggest three number choices - about 90% of you will get your first choice - unless you all choose the most popular numbers....

3) Register for the Tournaments you plan to attend.  Tournament Fees include all meals, tournament fees and other costs unless indicated otherwise (tournaments do not include housing in the Tournament Fees, but there is an opt-in ability to secure space in shared rooms for chaperoned players. Fall and Winter Tournaments should be registered for right away if you plan to attend. Tournament registration for Summer 2018 is not due until March 1 2018.  Links for making reservations at the team hotel are available on the Tournaments page.  Tournament Fees do not include airfare under any circumstance.  There are links to group hotel rates, team flights (in some cases), and team dinners on this tournament page.   

4) Order any extra SpiritWear in the Team NorCal store you want.  Equipment bags, helmets, and other non-mandatory things.  

5) Like Us on Facebook (see below) - we use it frequently to communicate general things of interest to the NorCal Nation....

6) We will put you on TeamSnap, our internal messaging and communications system, immediately.  

2017 Team NorCal SpiritWear

Purchase Team NorCal Helmet

NOT mandatory - completely optional