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Boys Team NorCal High School Select

Trevor Stephens

Head Coach, Select

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All HS players need to complete this in order for us to help you in the recruiting process.

Team NorCal fields three High School Teams: our HS Elite team, representing our best players from the Classes of 2018, our HS Select team, composed of outstanding players from 2019-2020, and our Platinum team, primarily players from 2020 and 2021.  In 2016 Team NorCal included players from over 30 different High Schools around the Bay Area, from Sonoma County to the South Bay, and from San Francisco to Sacramento. We are proud to roster players from many of Northern California's top High School programs.
Over the last three years, the Team NorCal HS Select team has achieved a record of 50-27, including some of the following notable performances:
- 2015 HS Open Division Championship in the Santa Barbara Showdown
- 2nd Place in the 2016 Oregon Lacrosse Classic HS A Division
- Second Place in the 2016 West Coast Showcase HS Gold U17 Division.
- 2015 HS A Division Championship in the Pacific Lacrosse Festival
- 4-1 Record in the 2017 Oregon Lacrosse Lacrosse Festival HS Division
- 3rd Place in the 2017 Santa Barbara Showdown HS Division
New coaches Greg Hollingshead and Trevor Stephens have created an exciting, fun atmosphere that has inspired our kids to play their best, focus on teamwork, and overachieve.

Our Program Philosophy and Goals
1) Compete and win in competitive tournaments against top teams in the West and around the country.  We play and practice in the Summer, Fall and Winter.  
2) Provide college advice and recruiting assistance for players who want exposure to college coaches and recruiters. In addition to hiring Coach Podesta as our Recruiting Coordinator, Team NorCal regularly films all games  and provides players access to highlight films and a player profile page via our HUDL online video system.
3) Aid in Player Development, individually and as a team, by providing experienced coaches who can help each player take their game to the next level. Our program features some of the best, most successful, and well respected coaches at the High School and College level in the Bay area, and runs with expectations similar to what players can expect at the college level.