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Team NorCal Program Overview

2017/18 Team NorCal Program

2018 will be our 10th year as the Bay Area's largest and most successful travel and lacrosse development program. Over 250 players participated in our 2017 program, which saw extraordinary success on the field at several important regional and national tournaments.  

Team NorCal was started to help give more kids the opportunity to experience very competitive lacrosse, and to challenge themselves to develop as players and as people.  We are very proud of what we have accomplished and continue to offer what we think is the best overall program in Northern California.

We have standardized on 3 Fall/Winter Tournaments and 3 major Summer Tournaments per team, and are publishing these now well in advance so all families can plan their schedules with them in mind. We expect all players to attend the majority of our tournaments. 

Though we have migrated heavily toward a referral model for player evaluation and selection, we also hold fall and spring tryout days. 

Why Team NorCal?

Experienced – We created the lacrosse travel team concept in Northern California starting 10 years ago.  We are now the largest travel team in Northern California with the broadest range of teams for boys and girls.  Many of our coaches have been with us since the beginning, and all are experienced coaches with many years of relevant youth, high school and in some cases college coaching experience.    In the last 10 years, we have had over 2,500 players be a part of Team NorCal.

Unbiased – We remain unique in that we do not allow parents to coach or manage any of our travel teams.  Our coaches are focused on the development of every player and making the team as effective as possible, not on promoting their son’s playing time and recruiting prospects. 

Sustained Performance -  The results on the field speak for themselves.  Half of the players in Northern California named HS All American or Academic All American from 2013 to 2017 play for Team NorCal or started their travel team career with Team NorCal.     Take a look at our Parent References.  And our College Commitments from our graduating players.  We have a strong track record of developing talent. 2013 Team NorCal graduates played on the D2, D3 and JuCo NCAA 2014 Championship teams as freshman in college. 

The only year round travel team - Unlike most travel teams, we practice twice a month year round.  Teams and players improve only through consistent practice.  

Affordable - Our team and tournament fees are probably the most affordable of all Northern California travel teams.  We are frankly shocked by the fee structure of some of the newcomers to the travel team market over the last two years.  We help many families with the financial costs of travel lacrosse.  

Local Commitment We are here to invest in the development of the sport in the community.   We built many of the high school programs in the area.  We are not just a bunch of professionals travelling around the country giving clinics and teaching trick shots and signing autographs wanting to cash in on their fame.  We have been here for many years, have relationships with our families and players, and are committed to the area and the sport.

Family Friendly - Given the investment in time and money made by most families in helping their sons pursue a sport they love, we do our best to make our program and our events family friendly.  We make sure we have many family events at our tournaments, so families can get to know each other and enjoy the tournaments beyond just the time at the field.  Tournaments can be great family vacations – and we pick great locations to visit. Our Hospitality Tent has a well deserved national reputation - everywhere we go, every wants to eat in our tent!