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Where Are They Now? Team NorCal Alumni



2022 was a great year on the college front for Team NorCal alumni.   This year, we have over 60 young men playing in college at D1, D2, D3, and MCLA Lacrosse programs at over 40 different colleges. 17 of them have qualified for post-season play in each of these levels! 

There are many great stories.  But just a few of the highlights:

Trevor Douglis, University of Utah - Trevor, as a freshman, was the leading point scorer this season with 14 goals and 19 assists for the University of Utah MCLA team.  Utah (9-3) last weekend won the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference, and won a place in the 16 team MCLA National Championship Tournament in Texas in 2 weeks.  Utah is the first school to have won a place in their MCLA National tournament at a school which also had an NCAA-sponsored team.  Trevor went to Carlmont High School.  UPDATE:  University of Utah went all the way and won the MCLA D2 National Championship.  Trevor had 8 goals for the Utes in the tournament.  

Chris Wilk, Northeastern - Chris, a graduate of Bellarmine Prep in San Jose, has made a huge impact on Northeastern's 13-2 MCLA team in the Continental Lacrosse Conference in New England . He is their second leading scorer with 34 goals, and was named to Warrior's MCLA Division 1 Honor Roll last week for his two hat trick performances against North Carolina State and Temple.

The West Coast Lacrosse League (WCLL) All Star teams were named, and Team NorCal alumni were 4 of the players named.

Cole Ramsey, Dominican University -  Cole was named first team WCLL defenseman and also was honored as the Defensive Player of the Year.  Cole is a senior and went to Daugherty Valley High School. 

Matt Lochman of TCU, led the entire team with 35 goals as a freshman, and helped his team win the Division and a spot in the MCLA National Championships series in May 2022.  He was subsequently named the Most Valuable Player in the LoneStar Alliance League of the MCLA, covering the South Central part of the country.  

The MCLA National Lacrosse Championships start this weekend. Congratulations to the 9 Team NorCal alumni who will be playing in them for the following teams:

Arizona, Utah, Col Poly, USC,  Texas Christian University , Boise State


Largest Concentration of Team NorCal Alumni (2018)

Where are Team NorCal Alumni playing in college? The following schools have the largest of Team NorCal alumni on the current roster:

Santa Clara (8), Sonoma State (6), Chapman (5), Northwestern (4), UCSB (4), Berkeley (4), Tufts (3), Williams (3), Michigan (3)



Name High School College Class
Joe Rodrigues Bellarmine D1 Fairfield University 2018
Cyrus Scott St Ignatius D1 Colgate 2018
Brian Jasper Carmel D2 Hendrix 2018
Cole Kennedy Carmel D2 Guilford 2018
Jordan Gans Palo Alto D3 Rennselaer 2018
Alex Abiog Bellarmine D1 Manhattan University 2017
Mike Schlosser Davis D1 University of Michigan 2017
Max Krieg St Pauls School D1 Army 2017
Alex Lopez Woodside D3 Kenyon College 2017
Kodiak Adams Brewster Academy D1 Towson 2018
Duncan Cummings Marin Academy D3 Williams 2017
Rudy Buhlman Davis D3 Dominican 2017
Chad Bell St Ignatius D1 Boston University 2017
Spencer Elmore D2 Lindenwood University 2017
Alex Feldman Pacific Collegiate MCLA Chapman 2017
Andrew Seaman Los Gatos MCLA Cal Poly 2017
Chris Dowd Hotchkiss D3 Tufts 2017
Max Friend Redwood D3 Williams 2017
PJ Titterton Menlo Atherton MCLA Chapman 2017
Jonny Glazier Palo Alto MCLA Northwestern University 2017
Nick Mullen Menlo Atherton MCLA Chapman 2017
Cole Aikens Novato D2 Limestone College 2017
Nelson Launer Mountain View MCLA Cal Poly 2016
Brendan Phinny Carmel MCLA Santa Clara 2016
Dom Montalero Los Altos MCLA Sierra Nevada 2016
Pierce Philp Mountain View MCLA Arizona 2016
Sam Ryan Los Altos MCLA Cal Poly 2016
Andrew Dalke Lincoln (OR) D3 Haverford 2016
Luke Miller Bellarmine MCLA Santa Clara 2018
River Hain Carmel MCLA Santa Clara 2017
Casey Hanni Los Altos MCLA Boston College 2018
Henry Armistead Bellarmine MCLA University of Texas 2018
Nick McCall Andover MCLA University of Texas 2021
Anders Chaing Meno Atherton MCLA University of California 2020
Grayson Haaga Sequoia MCLA University of California 2022
Tommy Hoey St Francis MCLA University of Dayton 2021
Matt Seligson Palo Alto D3 Williams 2020
Christian Rider Palo Alto MCLA Chapman 2021
Chase Bunce Bellarmine D1 Ohio State 2019
Patrick Tracy Redwood D1 University of Michigan 2019
Jackson Herrick University D3 Amherst 2020
Troy Loper Carmel D1 Cleveland State 2020
Hayden Libby Palo Alto MCLA UC Davis 2021
Parker Underwood Sacred Heart Prep D1 Marquette 2022
Drew Erickson San Ram Valley D1 University of Denver 2022
Marshall Cummings Marin Academy D3 Middlebury College 2020
Galen Sloss Pacific Collegiate MCLA UColorado 2019
Zach Levitan Palo Alto MCLA Cal Poly 2019
Shea Danforth Campolindo MCLA Santa Clara 2020
Zach Feece Los Gatis MCLA Santa Clara 2020
Sean Mayle Sacred Heart Prep D1 University of Denver 2018
Frankie Hattler Sacred Heart D3 Tufts 2018
Ben Knaus Foothill D3 Trintity 2020
Max Hermann University D3 Trinity 2019
Nick Rodi St Ignatius D3 Wesleyan 2022
Byron Shahin Salisbury D3 Conn College 2020
Brent Tovrea Clayton Valley MCLA Sonoma State 2019
Connor Schaal Folsom MCLA Sonoma State 2019
Peter Brydon Carlmont MCLA UC Santa Barbara 2019
Patrick Brosnan St Ignatius D1 Bryant 2021
Alex Fish University D1 Princeton 2019
Logan Winn Foothill D3 Goucher 2018
Paul Callahan Marin Academy D3 Washington and Lee 2019
Josh Spain Gunn MCLA U Oregon 2020
Conor Rode Pacific Collegiate MCLA U Oregon 2020
Mac Morgan Livermore MCLA Onandaga CC 2017
Kevin Atkinnson Campolindo MCLA St Mary's 2021
Jack Forsman Bellarmine MCLA Northwestern 2018
Brian White Sacred Heart MCLA Northwestern 2018
Chris Marks Burlingame MCLA Northwestern 2017
Rob Carpenter Mountain View D3 Haverford 2019
Sam Isola Foothill D3 Ursinus 2019
Parker Whims Bellarmine D1 Dartmouth 2019
Thomas Lopez Woodside MCLA UCLA 2019
Jonny Purpura St Francis MCLA UWashington 2022
JT Belshe Bellarmine MCLA USC 2019
Zach Gee Aragon MCLA Sonoma State 2022
Chase Barloga Piedmont MCLA Sonoma State 2022
Zach Bonilla Sequoia MCLA Sonoma State 2022
Tristan Mori-Sloane Los Altos MCLA UC Santa Barbara 2022
Daniel Cava Elk Grove MCLA Arizona State 2019
Jimmy Beglin Bellarmine MCLA Sonoma State 2022
John Beglin Bellarmine MCLA Sonoma State 2022
Blaise Demarais Archbishop Mitty MCLA NDNU 2020
Cole Ramsey Doughterty Valley MCLA NDNU 2022
Xander Peck Woodside MCLA Chico State 2021
Gavin Risbry BellaVista MCLA Chico State 2019
Tanner Christoff Granada MCLA University of Nevada 2019
Keenan Christoff Granada MCLA Univeraity of Nevada 2019
Kyle Rodmney Del La Salle MCLA UC - Santa Cruz 2020
JR Armistead Bellarmine D1 University of Richmond 2022
Duncan McGuiness Menlo Atherton D1 Providence 2021
Tommy Francheschini Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep D1 Bellarmine University 2019
Ben Morgan Livermore D3 Carthage College 2016
Chase Rudy Novato MCLA Sierra Nevada 2020
Conor McFarlane Foothill D2 Westminster 2018
Matt Peter Monte Vista MCLA University of Oregon 2018
Cade Bailey De La Salle D1 Bryant 2018
Aaron DeoCampo Sequoia MCLA University of Oregon 2021
Carter Mosher St Francis MCLA University of Oregon 2021
Robbie Stern Acalanes D3 Colorado College 2018
Tim Baker St Ignatius D1 Air Force 2019
Kevin Chittwood Bellarmine D2 Adams State 2021
Austin Mello Campolindo D3 Vassar 2021

Seven of these goofy looking 8th graders from our first U15 team in 2009 ended up being named US Lacrosse High School All Americans!

Our 2015 Elite/Alumni Team at the Lake Tahoe Boys U19 Tournament

TNC Alum Trevor Douglis leads his Utah team to the MCLA D2 Championship in 2022